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About Us

Established in 2017 by Midwife Sekesa Berry, the Atlanta Doula Collective originated as a grassroots initiative to address a deficiency in maternal healthcare for Black communities. Initially named Neo-Doulas, Sekesa dedicated her time to volunteer with various midwifery and obstetrical offices in SW Atlanta. Serving as a dispatcher for a newly formed On-Call Doula Service, she aimed to offer laboring women in hospitals the support of a volunteer Doula. The program proved successful, assisting over 100 families in its inaugural year and providing entry-level Doulas with valuable experience and certification opportunities.

In 2019, the collective evolved into the Atlanta Doula Collective (ADC), a non-profit organization. They created  the 2-1-2 Service Model, consisting of two prenatal visits, support during birth, and two postpartum visits. Additionally, the ADC introduced continuing education trainings to empower Doulas in enhancing their skillsets. This initiative addresses a professional development gap identified by Sekesa within the Doula profession.



The ADC continues to be a team of Labor & Postpartum Support Specialist, a.k.a. Doulas, working to bridge  Black Maternal healthcare gaps by providing affordable labor support options for Black families throughout the Metro-Atlanta area and strengthening the long-term viability of the Black perinatal workforce.

Our Mission

The Atlanta Doula Collective (ADC) works to to help eradicate Black maternal and Infant mortalities in Georgia, by offering affordable perinatal support services, culturally-responsive, community-based education, and strengthening the sustainability of the Black perinatal workforce.

Atlanta Doulas (ADC), Advance Maternal Health Training
Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is for every Black family to have affordable access to a
doula to help foster positive maternal health outcomes in GA.

Our Mission

Our Values


  • We value Black women & Black families.

  • We value the thought leadership & expertise of Black women.

  • We value culturally appropriate education.

  • We value teamwork and collective movements towards better birth outcomes.

  • We value the lives of Black babies and seeing them thrive from birth and beyond the first year.

  • We value quality and competent perinatal care. 

  • We value Birth Liberation for Black women.

Our Mission

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