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About Us

The Atlanta Doula Collective (ADC) is a team of Labor & Postpartum Support Specialist, also known as doulas, working to bridge the gap in Black Maternal healthcare by providing affordable labor support options for Black families throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. We work to reduce this gap by providing reduced-rate perinatal  services and barrier-free community programming.

Our Mission

The Atlanta Doula Collective (ADC) works to bridge the gap in perinatal healthcare for Black women. By curating culturally appropriate programming, affordable access to services and equitable  support to Black mothers, we aim to uplift and empower them and their families. Collectively, we are shifting the paradigm of Black Maternal Health outcomes, in Metro-Atlanta, to a new narrative of thriving Maternal Wellness.

Atlanta Doulas (ADC), Advance Maternal Health Training
Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to shift the paradigm of Black maternal health outcomes in Georgia to attain Black Birth Liberation.

Our Mission

Our Values


Sustainable perinatal workforce.

Elimination of preventable black maternal and infant morbidities and mortalities.

Our Mission

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