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Advanced Doula Skills Training 


Advanced Doula Skills Training (ADST) a.k.a. The Maternal Health Consultant Training (MHC), is a culturally-responsive pogrom, meticulously crafted to empower individuals and community Doulas with the knowledge, skills, and competencies essential for effective care of pregnant women, new mothers, and their infants. This training is well-suited for paraprofessionals, such as doulas, lactation counselors, birth assistants, or anyone with a keen interest in advancing maternal health and well-being.


ADST delivers comprehensive insights into maternal health and wellness, providing participants with the skills and techniques necessary to support mothers throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Encompassing diverse topics, the training includes anatomy and physiology, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, maternal nutrition and hydration, and the prevention and management of common maternal health conditions.

**Previous doula  training required.
The ADST will only be offered privately for 2024
 Scholarship application will re-open in 2025

In an intentional and collective effort, by our community partners and sponsors, to eradicate maternal health disparities in Georgia, the Advanced Doula Skills Training remains scholarship-based and barrier-free to Black Birthworkers. Complete the application by clicking the link below. 

“I didn’t realize how important the role of a Doula is in our community. I will step up to the plate and answer the call.”
— Zania.”

Course Outline

  • Herstory and legacy of traditional African American perinatal care. 

  • The impact of institutional and systemic racism on Black maternal health in the United States.

  • Holistic Human Anatomy & Body functions.

  • Body temperatures and what they reveal about infection.

  • Stress, an unsustainable reality; measuring its impact through blood pressures.

  • Warning signs that pose threats to both maternal and infant wellness.

  • Diabetes as a modern-day epidemic and glucose measurements.

  • Urinalysis, a window into the body’s chemistry.

  • Identify abnormal maternal signs and know when to seek medical or alternative care.

MHC book cover.png

Each participant receives a Maternal Health Consultant Manual and  Wellness Tool Kit comprised of a digital blood pressure cuff, a digital thermometer, urine test strips and a glucometer. The participants also receives a complimentary eBook, When Birth Calls, Developing Your Inner Birth Worker, by Midwife Sekesa Berry.​

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