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Meet Sekesa

Executive Director

Sekesa is one of Georgia’s most knowledgeable and active community leaders for Black maternal health and the Birth Justice movement. As an advocate of reproductive justice, Sekesa has worked closely with several organizations and local non-profit foundations in an effort to decolonize birth, curtail birth traumas, and restore natural birth rights to Black families. For nearly two decades, she has dedicated herself to a multitude of roles and strengthened her skills and knowledge in perinatal support. Her maternal health work experience includes, namely: Women Infant Children Program as a Breastfeeding Counselor; Bellies-To-Babies Foundation as a Program Manager; SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, as a Birth Justice Consultant; and Black Mothers Matter Alliance as a Kindred Partner.


During the time Sekesa has been working as a midwife, she has seen the demand for Black Birthworkers greatly increase. As witness to these demands, Sekesa continues to lend her voice to the community as an educator, an author and mentor to zealous new Birthworkers. Sekesa is the curator and primary instructor of the Maternal Health Consultant Training, a.k.a. Advanced Doula Skills Training.  To date she has taught over 150 community Birthworkers in this training how to recognize signs of maternal and infant distress in effort to seek timely care and prevent loss. Through these efforts Sekesa continues to be a valued and resourceful asset within her community. 

As the Black Birthwork community in Georgia continues to prosper, Sekesa lends her assistance through a diversity of roles. She honors many titles such as the Founder and Director of the Atlanta Doula Collective, Activist, Author, Program Manager and Curator, a Lactation Specialist, and a Community Midwife. However, there is one title that Sekesa raises above all others – Mother. She is a loving mother to four children and a community mother to many.

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