Innerstanding Birthwork: An intermediate Doula Training

Innerstanding Birthwork is a three-day, culturally sensitive virtual  training curated to help birthworkers navigate the various dynamics of supporting black families  during the journey of pregnancy and immediate postpartum. This Full-Circle intermediate doula training includes comprehensive knowledge of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum,  designed to supplement  the newly trained birthworker with more skills to help them  better assist birthing families.

**Previous doula  training required
Dates Nov. 12th - 14th 2021 | 10:00am - 4:00pm each day

Early Bird $550 ends Oct 13th | Registration $750 ends Nov 5th

Innerstanding Birthwork
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Course Outline


Basic Anatomy & Terminology

Herbal options  & Supplements 

Basic Understanding of Pregnancy Labs

The Art of Belly mapping

Prenatal visits and what to expect

Exploring Estimated Due Dates

Cultivating a Birth Plan


Exploring the hospital room

Birth rights and Hospital Policies

Know your drugs

Supporting Inductions

Supporting Epidural births

Supporting VBACs

Assisting with malpositioning


Planning for postpartum 

Breastfeeding support

Postparum Warning Signs 

Recognizing PMAD

Physical and Pelvic floor therapy

Contracts & Records Management