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Meet Leah

Board Chair

Leah Jones, a born and raised Louisville, Kentucky native, is a proud Black Mama, an avid Maternal Health Advocate and Birth Justice Activist. Leah is the Deputy Director for SisterSong Women Of Color, Reproductive Justice Collective and  has dual roles within the organization, as Birth Justice and Internal Organizational Management are both her passion and strength. Leah came to SisterSong with six years’ previous experience in Wealth Management and Office Administration.  After receiving a certification in Nonprofit Human Resources Management from Emory University, Leah was promoted to Deputy Director in 2017. As Deputy Director, Leah manages the Sstersong's Legal Compliance, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Birth Justice departments and works to facilitate a productive and cohesive environment for their staff, board members, interns and volunteers.  She now proudly brings these skills and expertise to the Atlanta Doula Collective as our Board Chair. 

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